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Orchids of Western Australia
Fiel Guide to the Orchids of Western Australia
A. Brown, K. Dixon, Ch. French and G. Brockman
Simon Nevill Publications, WA (2013), 512 pages

A new (heavy) field guide covering all WA, lavishly illustrated.
Orchids of South-West Australia (3rd edition)
N. Hoffman and A. Brown
University of Western Australia Press (2011), 512 pages

A long-awaited update, with many new taxa. Becomes rather heavy for a field guide...
Orchids of Western Australia
A. Brown, P. Dundas, K. Dixon and S. Hopper
University of Western Australia Press (2008), 421 pages

A fantastic addition to the orchid literature, with fascinating paintings by Pat Dundas. My only regret is that the drawings are not reproduced lifesize, but 1/3rd... A must have !!!
Orchids of South-West Australia (revised 2nd edition with supplement)
N. Hoffman and A. Brown
University of Western Australia Press (1998), 462 pages

Field guide. You simply cannot go without this one! Great pictures, distribution maps, it's only weak spot is the lack of identification keys.
Orchids of South-West Australia
N. Hoffman and A. Brown
University of Western Australia Press (1984), 382 pages

First edition of the previous one. Interesting to observe the evolution of taxonomy.
Orchids of The West
R. Erickson
Paterson Brokensha Pty. Ltd., Perth, W.A. (1951), 109 pages

The ancestor. Charming little book with nice watercoloours and line drawings by the author. Text very informative, with anecdotes.
Orchids of The South-West
A. Brown
Department of Conservation and Land Management, WA (1999), 72 pages

This booklet describes 34 of the most common species in the area. It might be useful to the casual observer. Great pictures and low price make it a good addition to an enthusiat's collection.
Orchids of Western Australia
K.W. Dixon, B.J. Buirchell and M.T. Collins (eds)
Western Australian Native Orchid Study and Conservation Group, Victoria Park (1989), 68 pages

A small booklet, with, among others, interesting articles on orchid cultivation and terrestrial orchids of tropical WA.
Spider, Fairy and Dragon Orchids of Western Australia
S.D. Hopper and A.P. Brown
Nuytsia, Vol. 14 N?1/2 (2001), 318 pages

A comprehensive review of genus Caladenia in WA. It provides an identification key which makes it an invaluable complement to ""Orchids of South-West Australia"".
Native Orchids of Southern Australia
D. Jones & B. Jones
Bloomings Books (2000), 278 pages

This field guide covers all southern australia, from WA to NSW. It presents only a selection of the most common and representative species. Good pictures and descriptions. No identification keys.

Scientific books referring to Australian Orchids
Genera Orchidacearum Vol. 2, Orchidoideae (Part one)
A.M. Pridgeon, P.J. Cribb, M.W. Chase and F.N. Rasmussen (eds)
Oxford University Press, New York (2001), 416 pages

Reference book. A comprehensive and modern review of orchids genera. Superb line drawings.
An Atlas of Orchid Pollination - America, Africa, Asia and Australia
N.A. van der Cingel
Balkema Publishers, Rotterdam (2001), 296 pages

Reference book. Extensive and detailed review of the published litterature on orchid pollination.
Australian Orchid Research. Vol. 1. Catalogue of Australian Orchidaceae
M.A. Clements
Australian Orchid Foundation (1989), 160 pages

Australian Orchid Research. Vol. 2. New Taxa of Australian orchidaceae
D.L. Jones
Australian Orchid Foundation (1991), 208 pages

Australian Orchid Research. Vol. 3. A Review of Pterostylis (Orchidaceae)
D.L. Jones & M.A. Clements
Australian Orchid Foundation (2002), 168 pages

Flora of Westen Australia
Wildflowers of Southern Western Australia
M.G. Corrick and B.A. Fuhrer
The Five Mile Press, Noble Park (1997), 224 pages

Descriptions and photographs of 755 of the more common wildflowers. No identification keys, but I found it very practical.
Wildflowers of Western Australia
J. and M. Lochman
New Holland Publishers, Sidney (1998), 112 pages

NOT an identification guide, but a stunning photographic tribute to WA's flora. Once you open it, you know you just have to go there!
Guide to the Wildflowers of South Western Australia
S. Nevill and N. McQuoid
Simon Nevill Publications, WA (1998), 116 pages

A pictorial guide to wildflowers (about 900 species), arranged by vegetation zone. No identification keys. Maps with good flora viewing areas. A good companion to ""Wildflowers of Southern Western Australia"". Large format, difficult to carry in a backpack.
Australia's wildflowers: transforming the landscape
D. Greig
New Holland Publishers, Sidney (1998), 128 pages

Another photographic tribute to Australia's flora.
Western Australia's Threatened Flora
A. Brown, C. Thomson-Dans and N. Marchant (eds)
Department of Conservation and Land Management, WA (1998), 220 pages

Reference book. Description and photographs of the 350 taxa currently listed as threatened.
The Western Australian flora: a descriptive catalogue
G. Paczkowska and A.R. Chapman
Wildflower Society of Western Australia, the Western Australian Herbarium, CALM and the Botanic Gard (2000), 652 pages

Reference book. A checklist with very short descriptions of all recorded WA's flora. No illustrations (except a handful of excellent photographs and one line drawing per family), no identification keys. Synonym index.
Wildflowers of the Stirling RAnge
B. Fuhrer and N. Marchant
The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria (1989), 24 pages

A sample of the area's flora, with photographs and very short descriptions.
Flora of the South West. Bunbury-Augusta-Denmark (Vol. 1 & 2)
J. Wheeler, N. Marchant & M. Lewington
University of Western Australia Press (2002), 972 pages

The most recent and comprehensive flora of this area. Line drawings, short descriptions, no identification keys.
Colour Guide to Spring Wildflowers of Western Australia (3 vols.)
E. Wajon
Wajon Publishing Company (1999), 360 pages

A series od three field guides of the most common wildflowers. Identification of plants based on colors.

Travel Books
Travellers guide to the Parks & Reserves of Western Australia
S. Nevill
Simon Nevill Publications, WA (2001), 208 pages

An invaluable guide to help you plan your trip. Many good pictures and maps.
Mountains of Mistery - A natural history of the Stirling Range
C. Thomson, G. Hall and G. Friend (eds)
Department of Conservation and Land Management, WA (1993), 189 pages

Very complete and easy to read book, exploring all the aspects of the natural history of this fascinating area (climate, geology, human history, plant communities, mountain bells, orchids, eucalypts, mammals, birds, frogs, reptiles, spiders, invertebrates, recreation, threats, fire...). Commented nature walks and drives. Many good line drawings.
Wild Places, Quiet Places
C. Thomson and M. Vance (eds)
Department of Conservation and Land Management, WA (1995), 148 pages

Informations on parks managed by CALM. Not very useful if you already own the ""Travellers Guide"" by S. Nevill.
A Natural History of Australia
T.M. Berra
UNSW Press (1998), 304 pages

Orchids of South-Eastern Australia
The Orchids of Victoria
G. Backhouse & J. Jeanes
The Miegunyah Press (1995), 388 pages

Very good reference guide. Good pictures, very detailed descriptions and identification keys. Too heavy for backpacking? It is discontinued. New version on CDROM.
The Orchids of Tasmania
D. Jones, H. Wapstra, P. Tonelli & S. Harris
The Miegunyah Press (1999), 318 pages

A book very similar to The orchids of Victoria in quality and weight...
Field Guide to the Orchids of New South Wales and Victoria
T. Bishop
UNSW Press (2000), 257 pages

A recent and complete field guide, with accurate descriptions, pictures and identification keys.
Orchids of South Australia
R.J. Bates & J.Z. Weber
Flora and Fauna of South Australia Handbooks Committee (1990), 182 pages

Field guide. The unique book on SA orchids. Very complete with descriptions, distribution maps, good pictures, and identification keys. However, it is seriously outdated and needs a complete revision. Very hard to find (I waited two years before getting my copy...).
Native Orchids of Southern Australia
D. Jones & B. Jones
Bloomings Books (2000), 278 pages

This field guide covers all southern australia, from WA to NSW. It presents only a selection of the most common and representative species. Good pictures and descriptions. No identification keys.
Wild Orchids of Victoria
J. Jeanes and G. Backhouse
Melbourne University Publishing (2007), 412 pages

The long awaited update of "Orchids of Victoria". Many new species.

Flora of South-Eastern Australia
A Photographic Guide to Wildflowers of South-eastern Australia
D. Greig
New Holland Publishers, Sidney (2002), 144 pages

A booklet with the most common plants.

Flora of Australia
Australian Wildflowers. Key Guide
L. Cronin
Envirobook (2000), 224 pages

Orchids of Australia
Orchids of Australia
J.J. Riley and D. Banks
Princeton Field Guides (2003), 320 pages

A somptuous book, lavishly illustrated. Not a field guide...
A Complete Guide to Native Orchids of Australia
D.L. Jones
New Holland Publishers, Sidney (2006), 480 pages

The most complete reference. Not a field guide...