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Drakaea glyptodon

WA: Leuwin Naturaliste NP (Redgate Beach)
(S 342', E 1151')



© P. Pernot

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I heard that the flowers of the drakaea glyptodon look identical to the wasps that pollinate them? Is that what I'm looking at?
-- M., 2002-01-26 01:02

The lip of Drakaea glyptodon mimics the wingless female of the male-wasps that pollinate them. This image represents a spider that has "trapped" the wasp-looking labellum of the orchid. Did the spider get deceived as the male-wasps are? For more legible pictures, please click on "Drakaea glyptodon" in the species list.
-- P. Pernot, 2002-01-28 12:04

I have been observing an orchid that I suspect is a Hammer Orchid. The leaf was the first indicator, to my irritation few photographers record the leaf in their photos. The bud is due to open in the next two weeks I think and I am looking forward to making an identification. 23/8/2004
-- ANNETTE MORGAN, 2004-08-23 03:58