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You will find here a few of the pictures I made during two wonderful "orchid trips" to
  • WA in Sept/Oct 2001, and
  • SA in Sept/Oct 2003.
They depict a few of the most intriguing and spectacular terrestrial species growing in temperate Australia.

Recently, E. Delannoy kindly offered me to contribute his pictures to this site. This is an ongoing story (2006/07-)...

Special thanks
I am gratefully indebted to people who helped me in locating the plants: Andrew BROWN (WA); Cathy HOUSTON, Thelma BRIDLE and Andy YOUNG (SA).

Help !
Some of the species pictured in these pages are poorly identified. I will welcome any competent advice. You can contribute directly by clicking the icon next to an image. Your comment will then appear with the image.

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When viewing the Slideshow, simply reload the page to get a new image.

Click on a species name to search the database for all pictures of the same species.

Click on a vignette to display the image at a larger resolution.

Click on a set of coordinates (lat,lon) to display a location map.

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